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April 1998



A comprehensive, accessible volume on American film since the sixties covering a wide variety of directors, genres and changes in the industry. It will be both a bookstore standard and a college text.


Contents Movies and Money Auteur Cinema and the "Film Generation" in 1970s Hollywood / David A. Cook Auteurs and the New Hollywood / Timothy Corrigan From Roadshowing to Saturation Release: Majors, Independents, and Marketing Distribution Innovations / Justin Wyatt Money Matters: Hollywood in the Corporate Era / Jon Lewis Cinema and Culture A Rose is a Rose?: Real Women and a Lost War / Tania Modleski From Pillar to Postmodern: Race, Class, and Gender in the Male Rampage Film / Fred Pfeil Your Self Storage: Female Investigation and Male Performativity in the Woman's Psychothriller / Sabrina Barton Conspiracy Theory and Political Murder in America: Oliver Stone's JFK and the Facts of the Matter / Christopher Sharrett Zooming Out: The End of Offscreen Space / Scott Bukatman Independents and Independence John Cassavetes: Amateur Director / Ivone Margulies Independent Features: Hopes and Dreams / Chuck Kleinhams A Circus of Dreams and Lies: The Black Film Wave at Middle Age / Ed Guerrero Culture as Fiction: The Ethnographic Impulse in the Films of Peggy Ahwesh, Su Friedrich, and Leslie Thornton / Catherine Russell


Jon Lewis is Professor of English at Oregon State University. He is the author of" The Road to Romance and Ruin: Teen Films and Youth Culture" and "Whom God Wishes to Destroy: Francis Coppola and the New Hollywood," also published by Duke University Press.


"While it is possible to take issue with Lewis over the organisation of the book, the value and quality of the essays contained within it is incontestable."--Martin Flanagan, University of Sheffield, SCOPE " ... lively, informative, and densely argued volume." - Frederic Raphael, The Spectator "This collection is the first I know of to examine contemporary American cinema from so many viewpoints ... The authors provide us with new ways of understanding not just the theory and history of recent American film practices, but also the mix of government action, industrial policy, and audience desire that has played such a role in producing the movies of the last generation." - Eric Smoodin, Author of Disney Discoure: Producing the Magic Kingdom
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