Information Flow: The Logic of Distributed Systems

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Presents a mathematically rigorous, philosophically sound foundation for a science of information.


Preface; Part I. Introduction: 1. Information flow: a review; 2. Information channels: an overview; 3. A simple distributed system; Part II. Channel Theory: 4. Classifications and infomorphisms; 5. Operations on classifications; 6. Distributed systems; 7. Boolean operations and classifications; 8. State spaces; 9. Regular theories; 10. Operations on theories; 11. Boolean operations and theories; 12. Local logics; 13. Reasoning at a distance; 14. Representing local logics; 15. Distributed logics; 16. Logics and state spaces; Part III. Explorations: 17. Speech acts; 18. Vagueness; 19. Common sense reasoning; 20. Representation; 21. Quantum logic; Answers to selected exercises; Bibliography; Glossary of notation; Index of definitions; Index of names.


"This important interdisciplinary text is ideal for graduate students and researchers in mathematics, computer science, philosophy, linguistics, logic, and cognitive science." Computing Reviews "This iis an enjoyable book on information flow, an important recent topic in the study of logic, language and computation, enriching the science of information by a mathematically rigorous foundation." Mathematical Reviews "...two thumbs up..." Complexity " important book...useful...inspiring...accessible to most graduate students in logic, computer science, philosophy, mathematics, linguistics, and cognitive science. Everyone working in those areas will find material of interest in the book." Journal of Symbolic Logic
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