Computer Networks Architecture, Protocols, and Software

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Comprehensive and practical, this book provides a critical understanding of computer networks by clearly detailing networking fundamentals, operating system essentials, and cutting edge LAN and WAN design features. It helps strength your knowledge of networking fundamentals, with detailed coverage of interprocessor communications, permanent virtual circuits, error control, physical layer software, sliding window protocols, routing


Introduction to Computer Networks: Computer Network Applications. Interprocessor Communications. Computer Network Architecture. Classifications of Computer Networks. Network Topologies. Network Operating Systems. OSI Reference Model. Network I/O Routines on the Communication Processor. Network I/O Routines on the Host Processor. Program Design Language. Network Performance. Physical Layer: Introduction to Data Transmissions. Fourier Theorem. Modulation Techniques. Multiplexing Techniques. Nyquist Theorem. Shannon Theorem. Switching Methods. Physical Layer Design. Physical Interfaces. Data Link Layer: Basic Design Concepts. Error Detecting Codes. Sliding Window Protocols. Other Design Issues. Data Link Layer Design. Data Link Simulations. Xmodem. Binary Synchronous Communications. Synchronous Data Link Control. High-Level Data Link Control. Conclusions. Local Area Networks: Basic Design Concepts. Medium Access Control Sublayer. Logical Link Control Sublayer. Ethernet. Token-Ring. Token-Bus. Fiber Distributed Data Interface. Distributed Queue Dual Bus. Conclusions. Network Layer: Basic Design Concepts. Routing Philosophies. Road Signs. Routing Table. Other Design Issues. Network Layer Design. X.25 Packet Layer Protocol. N Layer Primitives vs. X.25 Packets. Internet Protocol. Network Management Routines. Network Devices. Conclusions. High-Speed Wide Area Networks: Frame Relay. Asynchronous Transfer Mode. Comparisons of FR and ATM. Integrated Services Digital Network. ISDN Protocols. Broadband ISDN. Broadband ISDN Protocols. Other Networks. Conclusions. Transport Layer: Basic Design Concepts. Finite State Machine Model. Other Design Issues. Transport Layer Primitives. Transport Protocol Data Units. Transport Layer Design. OSI Transport Protocols. Transmission Control Protocol. Conclusions. Session Interface: Basic Design Concepts. Session Primitives. Session Software Design. Network Application Software Design. TCP/IP Session. SNA Session. OSI Session. Conclusions. Presentation and Application Services: Basic Design Concepts. Presentation Services. Presentation Layer - OSI Model. Network Applications. Application Services - TCP/IP. Application Layer - OSI Model. Conclusions. Network Management: Network Performance Analysis. Network Monitoring. Simple Network Management Protocol. Conclusions. Operating System Essentials: Interrupt Mechanisms. Asynchronous Processing. Task Management Routines. Reentrant Task. Intertask Communications. Semaphore.


Dr. John Y. Hsu is professor of computer engineering, California Polytechnic State University. He earned his Ph.D. in computer engineering at the University of California, Berkeley. Dr. Hsu has served as a consultant to Federal Electric/ITT, IBM, and other major corporations.
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