Modernism and the Culture of Market Society

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September 2004



A broad-ranging study exploring the relation between the modernist avant-garde and capitalist culture.


Acknowledgements; Introduction: The modernist avant-garde and the culture of market society; Part I. The Posthuman Scene: 1. Approaching modernism; 2. Ideology; 3. Permanent revolution; 4. Epistemology of the market; Part II. The Regime of Unrest: Four Precursors: 5. Bloody face; 6. A variegated daguerreotype; 7. The unnameable; 8. Childhood as resistance; Part III. The Margin is the Mainstream: 9. Artisanal production, Ulysses and the circulation of goods; 10. History and the post-psychological self in The Waste Land; 11. La boheme: Lewis, Stein, Barnes; 12. Bloomsbury nation; Notes; Bibliography; Index.


John Xiros Cooper is Professor of English Literature at the University of British Columbia. He is the author of T.S. Eliot and the Politics of Voice: the Argument of The Waste Land (1987), T.S. Eliot and the Ideology of Four Quartets (Cambridge, 1995), and The Modern British Novel (1998).


Review of the hardback: '... I would urge anyone working on modernism to go away and read. ... John Xiros Cooper's passionately argued Modernism and the Culture of Market Society ... his is a brilliant polemic. This is an unremittingly materialist analysis ... that situates modernism in relation to the complex process of economic, technological, social and political modernization that created it.' Year's Work in Critical and Cultural Theory
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