Global Nation?

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November 1998



Globalization is one of the buzzwords of the late twentieth century, yet its meaning is elusive. Retrenchments, global warming, currency devaluations, etc. are often explained as unavoidable consequences of globalization, and even everyday things from food and clothes to television are apparently impacted upon by globalization. This book provides an accessible exploration of the meanings and implications of globalization. It explores a range of existing and potential responses to the globalization process, arguing that there may be alternatives.


1. Global nation? An introduction; 2. Breaking the spell? Understanding globalisation; 3. Transforming the global economy? Trade, capital and economic power in the late twentieth century; 4. Onto the global racetrack? Globalising the Australian economy; 5. The price of competitiveness? The social impact of globalisation on Australia; 6. Wired to the world? Australia and the globalisation of media and information technologies; 7. Nowhere to hide? Australia in the global environment; 8. Where in the world? Transforming Australian political relationships and national identities; 9. Alternative strategies? Thinking and acting globally and regionally; 10. Alternative strategies? Thinking and acting locally and nationally; 11. Conclusion.


'Global Nation deals extremely well with issues that no Australian environmental education can afford to ignore. There is no better reference currently available that relates economic globalisation to global ecological issues and Wiseman's book should be high priority professional reading for all teachers of current and prospective VCE subjects/units including Environmental Studies/Science, Geography and Environmental Economics.' Noel Gough, Deakin University
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