Teacher Education in the Asia-Pacific Region: A Comparative Study

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Februar 2000



This book investigates the relationships between education and national development in an area of the world where both have acquired considerable importance. It questions assumptions which view education primarily as a direct investment in human capital and approaches which measure the efficacy of educational provision solely in terms of quantifiable differences between inputs and outputs. Unlike most of the more general works in this field, it does not set out either to confirm or to refute a particular theory. Instead, the main perspectives which have been adopted to explain the role of education in development are explored. The role of education in the development of eight societies in East Asia, including Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, Malaysia, Macau, and the People's Republic of China, is examined. These societies are compared in order to highlight the diverse and complex role played by education in their development.


Introduction Paul Morris and John Williamson Australia John Lake and John Williamson Hong Kong Brian Cooke Indonesia T. Raka Joni Japan Manabu Sato and Shigeru Asanuma New Zealand Peter D.K. Ramsay Papua New Guinea Pam Quartermaine People's Republic of China Julian Y.M. Leung and Xu Hui Singapore S. Gopinathan and Ho Wah Kam Taiwan Bih-jen Fwu United States of America Barbara Finkelstein and Hara Efthimiou Conclusion/Discussion Paul Morris and John Williamson


"The volume does, indeed, provide in depth inforamtion and reflection on critical issues in teacher education within a sample of political agencies, a sample that feflects an enormous spread of population and wealth.."
-"Comparative Education Review
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