World Society

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This analytical interdisciplinary approac to the study of behaviour in world society attempts to make relitively advanced material intelligible to those without the background of political science which has hitherto been necessary. Dr Burton, viewing world society as a total environment in which the behaviour of individuals, groups, nations and states occurs, describes ethnic, political, economic and ideological systems and discusses all aspects of behaviour: decision-making; roles, non-rational activity, problems of perception, values and conflict. He shows how such behaviour relates to that which we know in all social groups and in more confined areas, and states that any analysis of international society, its problems and conflicts, which explains behaviour at one social level differently from activity at another social level must be misleading. This book provides a stimulating and challenging analysis of world society which will interest a wide range of those studying international relations, sociology and politics in universities, schools and colleges of education.


Acknowledgements; Preface; Part I. Introduction: 1. Why study world society?; 2. The approach; 3. The scope of the study; 4. Conceptualizing and models; Part II. Analysis of World Society: 5. Perceptions; 6. Self-defeating strategies; 7. A modified view; 8. The role of state authorities; Part III. Prescription: 9. Values; 10. Conflict; 11. Resolution of conflict; 12. Concluding observations and a simulation exercise; Notes; Select bibliography; Index.
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