Itinerant Kingship and Royal Monasteries in Early Medieval Germany, C.936 1075

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Shows how monasteries provided crucial economic and political support to itinerant monarchs in medieval Germany.


List of illustrations; Acknowledgements; List of abbreviations; Introduction; 1. German kingship and royal monasteries: the historical and historiographical context; 2. Itinerant kingship, royal monasteries and the servitium regis; 3. Servitium regis and monastic property; 4. Monasteries in the Saxon heartland; 5. Monasteries in Westphalia; 6. Monasteries in the Saxon-Hessian border; 7. Monasteries in Hesse and Thuringia; Conclusion; Bibliography; Index.


"...for anyone interested in medieval life and thought, his [Bernhardt's] book is indispensable." The Catholic Historical Review "The series in which John Bernhardt's book appears has provided us with some of the best monographs on the Middle Ages that have been written in English in recent years. His work, enriched by genealogical tables and maps, is a worthy addition to the series." Patricia DeLeeuw, Church History "He [Bernhardt] carefully qualifies the strength of his evidence, clearly saying when his argument is certain, what is difficult to estimate, and where it is impossible to determine. He acknowledges the controversies among historians and judiciously defends his own views through his evidence. And he carefully defines his terms, so that even a nonspecialist can follow his clear and careful reasoning." Speculum "This is an outstanding, original book. Bernhardt takes some things we have long known, adds a wealth of meticulous new research, and refashions old arguments in persuasive ways." Thomas F. X. Noble, Religious Studies Review
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