Ancient Roots, New Shoots: Endogenous Development in Practice

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September 2003



This remarkable collection reveals the manifest inappropriateness of Western institutional and policy models in many local environmental and cultural settings, and the positive value of surviving non-Western systems of knowledge, values and ways of doing things


1 - Introduction 2 - Ancient Roots: Cultures, Knowledge and Development 3 - Experiences of the Compas Network - Enhancing Endogenous Development 4 - Development from within 5 - Roots and shoots in Asia 5.1 The roots of Asian knowledge and belief systems (with special reference to India, Nepal and Sri Lanka) 5.2 Experiences from CIKS 5.3 Revitalising local health traditions in Southern India (FRLHT) 5.4 Celebrating diversity for livelihoods - community based biodiversity conservation (GREEN Foundation) 5.5 Experiences from KPP 5.6 Building on tribal culture and knowledge - endogenous development in a tribal area (IDEA) 5.7 Revitalising traditional agriculture in Sri Lanka (ECO, Compas Sri Lanka) 5.8 Experiences from TIRD-P 5.9 Empowering indigenous knowledge for sustainable development in Nepal (ECOS) 5.10 Asian Compas Network 6 - Roots and Shoots in Africa 6.1 Roots of knowledge and belief systems in sub-Sahara Africa 6.2 Improving farming with ancestral support in Northern Ghana (CECIK) 6.3 Ecocultural centres and natural experts at the heart of endogenous development in Zimbabwe (AZTREC) 6.4 Enhancing indigenous agricultural knowledge in Africa - the Compas ENEDA network 7 - Roots and Shoots in Latin America 7.1 Roots of knowledge and belief systems in Latin America 7.2 Introducing indigenous knowledge in a Bolivian state-university curriculum (Agruco) 7.3 Experiences from Central America: ADICI and OXLAJUJ AJPOP 7.4 Compas Latin America Network 8 - Roots and Shoots in Europe 8.1 More than it seems: Worldviews and belief systems in Europe 8.2 Biodynamic farming in the Netherlands (BD) 8.3 Environmental co-operatives in the Netherlands reconnect faming, ecology and society (Vel-Vanl) 8.4 Endogenous development in Europe 9 - Conclusions and new challenges


BERTUS HAVERKORT and WIM HIEMSTRA are agronomists with the ETC Foundation in The Netherlands. Bertus Haverkort manages the ETC's Programme on Low External Input and Sustainable Agriculture (ILEIA). Wim Hiemstra specialises in sustainable agriculture and is the editor of the ILEIA Newsletter.
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