Postcolonial Con-Texts

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Thieme's study focuses both on responses to texts that have frequently been associated with the colonial project or the construction of 'race' (The Tempest, Robinson Crusoe, Heart of Darkness and Othello) and texts where the interaction between culture and imperialism is slightly less overt (Great Expectations, Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights).The post-colonial con-texts examined are located within their particular social and cultural backgrounds with emphasis on the different forms their responses to their pre-texts take and the extent to which they create their own discursive space.


Introduction - parents, bastards and orphans; Conrad's hopeless binaries - "Heart of Darkness" and post-colonial interior journeys; "On England's Desert Island Cast Away" - protean Crusoes, exiled Fridays; reclaiming ghosts, claiming ghosts - Caribbean and Canadian responses to the Brontes; turned upside down? Dickens's Australia and Peter Carey's "Jack Maggs"; encountering other selves - re-staging "The Tempest"; removing the black-face - a different "Othello" music; conclusion - narrative agency in Pauline Melville's "The Ventriloquist's Tale".


John Thieme is Professor of English Studies at South Bank University.


"Postcolonial Con-texts addresses one of the most relevant and exciting issues of postcolonial discourse: the relationship between postcolonial writing and the English canon, providing a broad overview of how intertextuality works between colonial and postcolonial texts... ...The whole study...carries a complicated network of cross-references between the texts, skilfully handled by the author. Despite the huge and complicated material, Thieme keeps the structure of the study transparent by constantly reinforcing his thesis and looking back to his findings and conclusions. He writes in an easily apprehensible, eloquent scholarly style. The book contains a substantial bibliography, suggesting further reading material for scholars and students. I recommend this book to a professional readership of postcolonial scholars, critics, and students whose scope of research includes intertextuality or any of the texts (re)considered. Even those who have not immersed themselves in postcolonial studies will find it worth reading." HJEAS, 2005
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