The Life of Mozart

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This biography sets Mozart's life within the history of an age plunging into revolution and European war. Staying with known facts, it probes his crucial relationships with his father, his wife, and his employer. It studies--in depth though in nontechnical language--characteristic examples of Mozart's music and asks what they can tell us about their author and ourselves. 20 photos.


Introduction: on the cusp; 1. Escape from the father; 2. The conflict with authority; 3. The eternal feminine; 4. Man of the theatre; 5. Mozart and God; 6. The last phase; 7. Requiem.


'I'm impressed. Rosselli has something to say and the skill to write fluently and clearly ... the author writes sensibly about Mozart's life and in amazingly few words reminds us of what the music can mean.' Early Music Review 'No-one is better qualified to set the material in proper perspective than John Rosselli. As in his previous books he brings to his subject all the skills of a professional historian, adept at sifting and weighing evidence ... the book is a triumph, and one which leaves its successors in the series much to live up to.' Julian Budden, Opera 'The seven crisp, lucid and learned chapters of this wonderful book dispel the clouds and put the man in perspective for us; Mozart, his time and his music seen together, and as arising from each other.' Jill Paton Walsh, The Tablet ' ... an extremely useful and, for its pages, remarkably thorough introduction to Mozart's life and work.' Sophie Fuller, Times Literary Supplement
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