Life of Bellini

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The first English-language biography of Vincenzo Bellini in more than 25 years. Carefully sorting through fact, legend and even spurious documentation, John Rosselli reassesses Bellini's personality, his relationships, and his short but dazzling career in Naples, Milan, and Paris. What emerges is a portrait of an otherwise normal young man with uncommon musical gifts. 19 photos.


Introduction: rediscovering Bellini; 1. A young southerner; 2. Storming La Scala; 3. The champion; 4. At the height of his powers; 5. False steps; 6. Paris and death; Appendix; Notes; Index.


'It is several years since the most recent life of Vincenzo Bellini appeared in English, so John Rosselli's compact biography is highly welcome ... his comments on the music are pertinent and perceptive ... Rosselli convincingly challenges much of the established evidence for Bellini's career.' Charles Osborne, BBC Music Magazine '... a book which significantly adjusts our understanding of the composer's character and objectives. It is penned with unusual elegance and wit, its comparative economy disguising a piece of important and original research.' Royal Philharmonic Society Music Awards Book Jury 'This is the first in what promises to be a valuable series of composer-biographies ... No-one is better qualified to set the material in proper perspective than John Rosselli. As in his previous books he brings to his subject all the skills of a professional historian ... the book is a triumph, and one which leaves its successors in the series much to live up to.' Julian Budden, Opera 'John Rosselli is that best kind of guide: a scholarly, amusing, sceptical enthusiast.' Musical Times 'John Rosselli's excellent book traces the composer's life from his birth in Catania in 1801 to his death from amoebic dysentery outside Paris in 1835. It does so, lucidly, sensibly and with an admirable lack of padding. In a very few pages, John Rosselli has done for Bellini what William Ashbrook and Herbert Weinstock took three times the length to do for Donizetti.' The Times Literary Supplement '... admirably clear narrative of the events in the composer's all-too-short life, convincingly challenging much of the accepted evidence. Here is an ideal introduction to the life and work of a bel canto composer.' The Daily Telegraph ' ... outstandingly successful in setting the composer's career within the complex world of Italian opera, in France as well as Italy, of which Rosselli has unrivalled command'. The Times Higher Education Supplement
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