Short Stories In Spanish

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September 1999



This is an all new version of the popular PARALLEL TEXT series, containing eight pieces of contemporary fiction in the original Spanish and in English translation. Including stories by Fuentes, Molinas, Marquez and Cortazar, this volume gives a fascinating insight into Spanish and Latin American culture and literature as well as providing an invaluable educational tool.


Introduction Eva's Indifference Soledad Puértolas (1947- ) Translated by John R. King A Literary Tea Party Julio Ramón Ribeyro (1929- ) Translated by Clive Griffin On the Honeymoon Javier Marias (1951- ) Translated by Eric Southworth Waliamai Isabel Allende (1942- ) Translated by Margaret Sayers Peden Maria dos Prazeres Gabriel García Márquez (1928- ) Translated by Edith Grossman Las Amigas Carlos Fuentes (1928- ) Translated by Alfred Mac Adam Absurd Ending Laura Freixas (1958- ) Translated by John R. King The Possessed Antonio Muñez Molina (1956- ) Translated by John R. King Second Time Round Julio Cortázar (1914-84) Translated by Clive Griffin Syllabus Juan Benet (1927-93) Translated by Eric Southworth Notes on Spanish Texts Acknowledgments


John King is a teacher of Spanish at Eton College.
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