Swords Around a Throne

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"This authoritative, comprehensive, and enthralling book describes and analyzes Napoleon's most powerful weapon--the Grande Armee which at its peak numbered over a million soldiers. Elting examines ever"


* All the Kings Horses and the Kings Men: the Royal Army * Libert, Egalit, Fraternit: The Armies of the Revolution * Enter la Grand Arme * The Imperial Way * Grand Quartier-Gnral * Tall in the Saddle and Under the Rose * Much High Brass and Some Low Brows * They Also Served * Garde Impriale * Poor Bloody Infantry * The High Horsemen * It Is with Artillery That One Makes War * Gnie: The Jesuits of the Army * Wherever a Comrade May Need My Help * Matters Nautical: La Marine * Remounts and Replacements * Trumpets and Drums and Cuckoos * Rgiments Etrangers * Allies and Auxilliaries * Law and Order: La Force Publique and LArme de LIntrieur * Discipline and Disciplinary Units * Dressed to Kill * Marches and Bivouacs * Haut les Armes!: Weapons and Ammunition * Voici lEnnemi! * Strategy and Tactics * Logistics * Soupe, Prt, et Comptbilit * Men, Morale, Loot and Baubles * Vivandires, Blanchisseuses, Enfants, et Bric--Brac * Legitimacy ReturnsTemporarily * Les Cent Jours * Tout Est Fini


Colonel John R. Elting has edited and written numerous books on military history, including Amateurs, to Arms!: A Military History of the War of 1812 and A Military History and Atlas of the Napoleonic Wars.
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