Historical Dictionary of Saudi Arabia

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August 2003



TheHistorical Dictionary of Saudi Arabia, Second Edition is an easily accessible reference guide to what is important in Saudi Arabia's past and present. This second edition has been completely updated to cover developments since 1993.


Chapter 1 Maps Chapter 2 Editor's Foreword Chapter 3 Acknowledgments Chapter 4 Conventions and Spellings Chapter 5 Acronyms and Abbreviations Chapter 6 Chronology Chapter 7 Introduction Chapter 8 THE DICTIONARY Chapter 9 Appendix A: Rulers in the Al Sa'ud Dynasty Chapter 10 Appendix B: The Al Sa'ud: Relationship of Cadet Branches Chapter 11 Appendix C: Prominent Descendants of Imam 'Abd Al-Rahman bin Faysal Chapter 12 Appendix D: Prominent Descendants of King 'Abd Al-'Aziz bin 'Adb Al-Rahman Chapter 13 Appendix E: Al-Hashimi Sharifs of Makkah and Their Descendants Chapter 14 Appendix F: The Basic Law of Saudi Arabia Chapter 15 Appendix G: Statistical Tables Chapter 16 Selected Bibliography Chapter 17 About the Author


Dr. J.E. Peterson has taught at various universities and has written Oman in the Twentieth Century, Yemen: The Search for a Modern State, Defending Arabia, and The Arab Gulf States: Steps Towards Political Participation, among other books. At present, he is completing a history of the armed forces of the Sultanate of Oman and writing a comparative study of state-building in all the states of the Arabian Peninsula.


...stands out as an excellent reference work on Saudi Arabia. ...valuable and informative. Muslim World Book Review This 2d edition is a commendable revision that builds upon the 1st edition's strengths...[an] excellent, detailed guide to political and twentieth-century historical details. It is recommended for all academic libraries. American Reference Books Annual Useful for experts or advanced students with some knowledge of Arabic, and should be on the bookshelf of consular officials or those conducting business in Saudi Arabia. CHOICE This reference work begins with a succinct overview of the geography, history, society, government, and economy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It also contains a number of useful charts and statistical tables on subjects ranging from the genealogy of the ruling family, to Saudi crude oil production and balance of payments figures. Middle East Journal ...adds and revises numerous entries and updates the chronology and bibliography included in the 1993 edition. The book describes people, places, and events on the Arabian peninsula from the al-'Ubayd culture in the 4th millennium through the end of 2002. Appendices include genealogies, the 1992 "Basic Law" that serves as a constitution, and 13 tables of social and economic statistics. College & Research Libraries News As a rapid reference tool this book will be invaluable...very clearly organized...The author and publisher are to be congratulated for producing an excellent reference work. MESA Bulletin with the Arabian Peninsula and Saudi Arabia through December 2002. Booklist, 12/15/2003
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