Practical Metallurgy and Materials of Industry

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Oktober 2002



For undergraduate courses in Materials Science and Metallurgy.
This practical introduction to engineering materials/metallurgy maintains a low mathematical level designed for two-year technical programs and four-year engineering technology programs. The easy-to-read, highly-accessible Sixth Edition includes many of the latest industry processes that change the physical and mechanical properties of materials and is highly recommended as a "materials processing" reference handbook in support of Design, Process, Electrical and Chemical technicians and engineers. Math theory is minimized and the appreciation of theory is emphasized.


1. Extracting Metals from Ores. 2. The Casting of Metals. 3. The Physical and Mechanical Properties of Metals. 4. The Crystal Structure of Metals, Basic Phase Diagrams and the Metallographic Sample Preparation Laboratory. 5. Classification, Identification and Selection of Iron Alloys. 6. The Manufacturing of Steel Products. 7. Heat Treating Equipment. 8. The Iron-Carbon Phase Diagram. 9. The Hardenability of Steels, I-T/T-T-T Diagrams and Cooling Curves. 10. Annealing, Stress Relieving, Normalizing, Hardening and Tempering of Steels. 11. Welding Processes for Iron and Iron Alloys. 12. Identification and Heat Treatment of Nonferrous Metals. 13. Metallurgy of Welds: Nonferrous Metals. 14. Powder Metallurgy. 15. Corrosion of Metals. 16. Composite Materials. 17. Nondestructive Testing. 18. Plastics and Elastomers. 19. Ceramic Materials. 20. Wood and Paper Products. 21. Adhesives and Industrial Lubricants and Gasses. 22. Hardness Testing. 23. Failure Analysis and Materials Characterization Techniques. Appendix. Glossary. Index.
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