Bravos of the West

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August 1995



Bravos of the West is a panoramic history of the development of the West after the Lewis and Clark expedition. Appearing, exiting, and reappearing in this history are trappers, traders, prospectors, gunslingers, missionaries, soldiers, and scientists. Here they are shown trapping beaver, confronting bears, trading, and discovering natural wonders as they advance ever farther into the wilds. John Myers Myers begins with the struggle for Texas and follows the men and women who came West: the mountain men beyond the mouth of the Yellowstone, the emigrants to Oregon, the fortune hunters to California, the Mormons to Salt Lake, the stagecoaches, express ponies, and steam-engine trains through mountain passes and open country, and the outlaws to all of it. Playing their roles on this huge historical stage are Andrew Jackson, Davy Crockett, Hugh Glass, Jim Bowie, William Ashley, Mike Fink, Jim Bridger, Kit Carson, Thomas Hart Benton, Stephen Austin, Sam Houston, Peg-leg Smith, Mountain Lamb, Marcus and Narcissa Whitman, Jack Swilling, Henry Plummer, Jack Coffee Hays, Deaf Smith, John Charles Fremont, Brigham Young, John Sutter, Sitting Bull, Cynthia Ann Parker, Joaquin Murrieta, and Wild Bill Hickok.


John Myers Myers, noted for his thorough research and vivid style, is also the author of "The Alamo," "Doc Holiday," "Tombstone's Early Years," and "The Saga of Hugh Glass: Pirate, Pawnee, and Mountain Man" (all Bison Books).


"The author is at his best with the mountain men who ranged vast country, endured dire hardship, and exulted in their freedom. Writing of them, he sustains a racy style. "--Walter Havighurst, "New York Times Book Review"--Walter Havighurst "New York Times Book Review "
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