How Novels Work

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Expanding on his popular "Guardian" column, John Mullan sets out to open our eyes to ways of understanding the writer's craft, and appreciating and enjoying their novels more fully. He discusses an array of classic and modern writers, including Martin Amis, John Le Carre, Zadie Smith, Jane Austen, Laurence Sterne, the Brontes, Raymond Chandler, Virginia Woolf and Margaret Atwood. Perfect for members of reading groups, students and teachers of creative writing.


Introduction ;
1. Beginning ;
2. Narrating ;
3. People ;
4. Genre ;
5. Voices ;
6. Structure ;
7. Detail ;
8. Style ;
9. Devices ;
10. Literariness ;
11. Ending


John Mullan is Professor of English at University College London. He is the author of Sentiment and Sociability: The Language of Feeling in the Eighteenth Century and co-editor of Eighteenth-Century Popular Culture: An Anthology. A broadcaster and journalist as well as an academic, he writes a weekly column on contemporary fiction for the Guardian.


It strikes me that none of our readers can afford to be without this book! I'm an admirer of John Mullan's 'Guardian' columns, and this is definitely something that we should be reviewing. Edward Fenton. 'The Oxford Writer A brilliant crash course in contemporary fiction Waterstones Books Quarterly
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