Once Upon a Time

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November 1983



A wide range of motivating and engaging stories from many cultures and sources.


To the teacher; 1. Telling a story; 2. Stories and follow-ups; 3. Retelling; 4. Before I begin ...; 5. Co-operative telling; 6. Students' stories; 7. From the past; 8. Vanishing stories; 9. Revision; 10. Story pool; Postscript; Acknowledgements.


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'It is a great source of ideas, a valuable guide to developing a useful skill in teaching, and a book you can dip into for your own interest.' Atesol Newsletter 'Using the techniques described in this book will produce classroom activities which are enjoyable, collaborative, creative, learner-centered and personally valid for the learner.' Illinois Tesol
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Untertitel: Using Stories in the Language Classroom. 'Cambridge Handbooks for Language Teachers'. 14ill. 10d. Sprache: Englisch.
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