John Locke: Resistance, Religion and Responsibility

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Dezember 2006



A major account of the development of the political, religious, social and moral thought of John Locke.


Acknowledgements; List of abbreviations; Introduction: Locke's intellectual development; Part I. Religion and the Politics of Toleration: 1. Against the 'tyranny of a religious rage'; 2. Restoration churchmanship and the 'Essay on Toleration'; 3. Undermining the temple of worship of priest and prince; 4. The theology of a reasonable man 1667-83; Part II. Resistance and Responsibility: 5. Locke's moral and social thought 1660-81: the ethics of a gentleman; 6. Resistance and the Second Treatise; 7. Locke's moral and social thought 1681-1704; Part III. Heresy, Priestcraft and Toleration; John Locke Against the 'Empire of Darkness': 8. Theology, epistemology and toleration: against the 'Empire of Darkness'; 9. The contexts of The Reasonableness of Christianity; 10. From the Reasonableness to the Paraphrase: a unitarian heretic; Conclusion; Bibliography; Index.


"John Marshall's sophisticated new intellectual biography, which draws on unpublished manuscripts and relatively neglected works as well as Locke's better known writings, goes a long way toward making sense of this brilliant but complex thinker. Rather than search for a deeper, underlying consistency in Locke's thought, Marshall explores how Locke came to change his mind so dramatically over the course of his life in response to changing political circumstances, new personal contacts, and (perhaps above all) through his own process of intellectual inquiry...This is an impressive book." Tim Harris, Brown University, Journal of Modern History "...[an] erudite, carefully developed study...this is an important work in the history of social, political, and philosophical thought." Journal of Church and State "Anyone interested in the relation of theology to the founding father of American liberalism will find this volume essential reading." Theological Studies " once textually acute and theoretically grand...[a] superb and detailed study..." The Review of Politics "...this study is an impressive scholarly achievement and a major contribution to the understanding of Locke's moral and religious thought." Julian H. Franklin, American Historical Review "This is a very good book. It presents the historical context in which Locke's doctrine emerged clearly and intelligently...It is also the most careful and comprehensive treatment of Locke's political theology I have read." Edward G. Andrew, Albion
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