The Politics of Retirement in Britain, 1878 1948

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Februar 2002



A very important and thorough analysis of the debate on retirement and state pensions in Britain.


Part I. The Campaign for Old Age Pensions: 1. Introduction; 2. The nineteenth-century background; 3. Blackley, Chamberlain and Booth; 4. The opposition of the Charity Organisation Society; 5. The attitude of the Friendly Societies; 6. The Labour Movement and the State; Part II. Contributory Pensions: 7. The First World War and the 1919 Ryland Adkins committee; 8. From 'all-in insurance' to contributory pensions; Labour's lost opportunity; 9. Neville Chamberlain, the 'New Conservatism' and the 1925 Act; Part III. The Debate on Retirement Pensions: 10. Labour and retirement pensions in the late 1920s; 11. PEP and retirement pensions in the 1930s: an ageing population; 12. Poverty surveys; Part IV. The Beveridge 'Revolution': 13. The pensions crisis of the late 1930s; 14. All-party pressure in the late 1930s: the Treasury enquiry and the 1940 Act; 15. The origins and working of the Beveridge Committee; 16. After the Beveridge report, 1942-1948; 17. Conclusion.


'Macnicol's work is an outstanding example of how the study of social policy illuminates modern British history.' Albion 'A remarkable feat of scholarship. It presents an array of complex and detailed material within a narrative which is always readable and at times compelling. This will be the definitive history of state pensions in Britain.' Professor Alan Deacon, Professor of Social Policy, University of Leeds 'The Politics of Retirement in Britain is bound to become an oft-cited work among historians, gerontologists, social-welfare analysts, and social scientists concerned with the evolution of the British welfare state.' Professor Andrew Achenbaum, Professor of History, University of Michigan 'Better than any other study I have read ... Macnicol excels, adding much to the public knowledge, and hopefully to the political debate ... John Macnicol's book will provide much help to those wishing to keep the Government on course.' Frank Field, The Independent '... a monumental and highly detailed policy history with an explanation from the world of political economy.' The Gerontologist 'this book will remain the standard account of its subject for the foreseeable future ... the whole analysis is both highly original and authoritative.' Scottish Historical Review 'Its multidisciplinary approach, linking political and intellectual history with sociological analysis, is a notable feature of this penetrating work, which seems certain to become the definitive interpretation of old age pensions in modern Britain.' Journal of Interdisciplinary History ' ... an excellent, meticulously researched account of the development of policy towards pensions from the early campaigns which resulted in old age pensions in 1908 through to the welfare state ... an excellent book on a vitally important topic.' Parliamentary History
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