Agriculture Practices and Policies for Carbon Sequestration in Soil

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With contributions from economists, policy makers, farmers, land managers, energy company representatives, and soil scientists, this book explores a broad range of content. It examines topics such as the effects of soil tillage and mulch rate, soil monitoring and assessment, soil fertility management, policy options, and the economic issues associated with carbon sequestration. Providing innovative and environmentally friendly practices for improved land management and crop production, the book discusses techniques that can mitigate global warming and greenhouse gases and integrates the science, practice, and policy of soil carbon sequestration.


About the Editors Acknowledgements Preface Foreward, D. Reed, White House Global Change Office Historical Perspectives Introduction, J.M. Kimble, R. Lal, and R. Follett National Trends in Adopting Conservation Practices as Best Management Practices, H. Bloodworth Why Carbon Sequestration in Soil? R. Lal Historical Perspective in Land Use Change and Soil Carbon Dynamics, F. Miller Conservation Tillage and Residue Management Effects of Crop Rotations on Soil Organic Carbon in Semiarid Prairie - 10 Year Study, C.A. Campbell, R.P. Zentner, V.O. Biederbeck, and B.G. McConkey Mulch Rate and Tillage Effects on Carbon Sequestration and CO2 Flux from an Alfisol of Central Ohio, S.W. Duiker and R. Lal Effects of Tillage on Inorganic C Distribution in Soils of the Northern Great Plains of the U.S., L.J. Cihacek and M.G. Ulmer Climatic Influences on C Storage with no Tillage, A. Franzluebbers and J. Steiner Long-Term Effects of Moldboard Plowing on Tillage-Induced CO2 loss, D. Reicosky Tillage-Soil Organic Matter Relationship in Long-Term Experiments, E. Micheli Effect of Conservation Tillage on C Sequestration of C Duplex Soil of SE Australia, W. Slattery and A. Surapaneni Monitoring and Assessment Analysis and Reporting of C Sequestration and Greenhouse Gases for Conservation Districts in Iowa, J. Brenner Estimating Regional C Sequestration Potential of Agricultural Management Options Using GIS and Dynamic SOM Model, P. Falloon Management Induced Changes Affecting Soil C Storage and Nutrient Cycling in Conventional and Organic/Low-Input Systems, W.R. Horwath Land Use Effects on Soil Carbon Pool in Two Major Land Resources Areas of Ohio, A. Lantz, R. Lal, and J. Kimble "CQESTER" - Predicting Carbon Sequestration in Agricultural Soils, R.W. Rickman, C.L. Douglas, and S.L. Albrecht Case Study of Cost vs. Accuracy of Measuring Carbon Stock in Terrestrial Ecosystems, G. Smith Soil Management Soil Fertility Management with Zeolite Amendments. I. Zeolite Effect on the Carbon Sequestration. A Review, E. Filcheva and K. Chaklov Effect of Rotation on the Composition of Soil Organic Matter, E. Filcheva and T. Mitova Effect of Climate Change on Management Soil C: Northern Peat Soils, T. Moore Application of Management Decision Aid for Sequestration of C and N in Soil, A. Olness Soil C Turnover after 28 Years of Residue Managed Wheat and Sorghum Production, C. Rice Soil Structure and C Sequestration Soil Organic Carbon Pool in Forest and Pasture of a Reclaimed Mine-Land in Ohio, V. Akala and R. Lal Efficiencies of Conversion of Residue C to Soil C, C.A. Campbell, B.G. McConkey, S. Gameda, C. Izaurralde, B.C. Liang, R.P. Zentner, and D. Sabourin Changes of Organic Matter and Aggregate Stability of the Arable Waterlogged Soils, R. Dilkova, E. Filcheva, G. Kerchev, and M. Kercheva Economics of C Sequestration Designing Efficient Practices for Agricultural Soil Carbon Sequestration, J. Antle and S. Mooney Making Soil C Sequestration an Economic Undertaking for Farmers, T. Fancl Economic Impacts of C Sequestration Policy Scenarios in the U.S. House Operationalizing C Sequestration in Soils Through Appropriate Policies, D. Zilberman Policy Issues and Industrial View Points Carbon Sequestration Potential Canadian Farmland: A Farmer's Perspective, J. Bennett Role of Commercial Energy Companies in C Sequestration in Soils, A. Donelly Contribution of Root-Derived Carbon Soil Organic Matter, W.J. Gale, C.A. Cambardella Carbon Sequestration in Soil with Conservation Tillage, J. Kinsella Policy Issues of C Sequestration in Soils, A. Manale Farming Carbon Through Conservation Tillage and Residue Management, B. Richards Making the Market for Soil Carbon a Reality, M. Walsh Role of Agro-Industries in Realizing Potential of Soil C Sinks, B. Alesii Regional Pools Potential for Carbon Accumulation and Sequestration under Brachiaria Pastures in Brazil, R. Boddey Carbon Content of Desert and Semi-Desert Soils for Central Asia, E. Lioubimsteva and J. Adams Pastureland Use in Southeastern US: Implications for C Sequestration, R. Conant, et al On-Farm C Sinks: Production and Sequestration Complementarities, J. Hopkins, et al C Balance of Hungarian Soils, T. Nemeth, et al Some Key Uncertainties in the Global Distribution of Soil and Peat Carbon, E. Lioubimsteva and J.M. Adams Summary Where Do We Go Now in the Interaction of Policy and Science? J. Kimble and L. Everett
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