The State and International Relations

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This book provides students with a fresh overview of the main theories of the state found in International Relations. The author introduces readers to state theory, argues that existing theories of the state are limited, and proposes a new framework. In doing so, he surveys realist, liberal, Marxist, constructivist and neo-Weberian approaches to the state. The book offers readers a unique introduction to state theory in International Relations, and will be of interest to students and scholars of sociology and politics, as well as International Relations.


1. What's at stake in the second state debate? Concepts and issues; Part I. Traditional Theories of the State and International Relations: 2. Realism; 3. Liberalism; Part II. Recent Sociological Theories of the State and International Relations: 4. Marxism; 5. Constructivism; 6. Weberian historical sociology; Part III. Conclusion: Proposing a 'Structurationist' Theory of the Constitutive State and Global Politics: 7. Summarising the 'second state debate': turning IR theory upside-down.


'I would recommend The State and International Relations to any student or scholar who is interested in the theoretical foundations of the field.' Will Hunt, Institute of Social Studies
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