My Aunt Came Back

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September 2008



Revisiting a folk music classic, this delightfully illustrated picture book adds an unexpected twist to a timeless song, building to a hilarious conclusion certain to engage children time and again. No one knows where the lyrics of this fanciful rhyme originated, although the melody is certainly based on the classic tune "How Dry I Am." Sung as an echo song, and accompanied by hand motions, children will laugh out loud at the antics of the Aunt, who in each verse travels to another strange place and brings back some unusual things. A fully notated version of the music with all words and hand motions is included.


John M. Feierabend is the author of "Frog in the Meadow," "Ride Away on Your Horses," and "Round and Round the Garden."""He is a professor of music education at The University of Hartford's Hartt School of music, dance, and theater. He lives in Hartford, Connecticut. Melanie Champagne is an illustrator. She lives in Somers, Connecticut.


"Lullabies, simple songs, and rhymes! They are so much more than notes and rhythm--they have a way of bringing adults and children close together in warm, fun, loving ways. This rich collection of classic treasures that John Feierabend has gathered can easily nourish both children and their adults." --Fred Rogers, Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
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