Knowledge, Nature, and the Good: Essays on Ancient Philosophy

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"The pieces in this collection represent scholarship in the history of ancient Greek philosophy of the first rank. They make seminal contributions to the field and their technical scholarship is impeccable. This book will be sought out widely by scholars and students of ancient philosophy and by philosophers and classicists more generally."--Chris Bobonich, Stanford University, author of "Plato's Utopia Recast"


Preface vii Acknowledgments ix KNOWLEDGE CHAPTER 1: Method and Science in On Ancient Medicine 3 CHAPTER 2: Plato on Sense-Perception and Knowledge (Theaetetus 184-186) 43 CHAPTER 3: Plato, Isocrates, and Cicero on the Independence of Oratory from Philosophy 65 CHAPTER 4: Arcesilaus: Socratic and Skeptic 81 NATURE CHAPTER 5: Aristotle on Natural Teleology 107 CHAPTER 6: Hypothetical Necessity 130 CHAPTER 7: Two Notes on Aristotle on Mixture 148 CHAPTER 8: Metaphysics in Aristotle's Embryology 174 CHAPTER 9: Stoic Autonomy 204 THE GOOD CHAPTER 10: Two Theories of Justice 247 CHAPTER 11: Plato and Aristotle on "Finality" and "(Self-) Sufficiency" 270 CHAPTER 12: Moral Theory and Moral Improvement: Seneca 309 CHAPTER 13: Moral Theory and Moral Improvement: Marcus Aurelius 335 Bibliography 369 Index of Passages 381 General Index 397


John M. Cooper is Stuart Professor of Philosophy at Princeton University. He is the author of "Reason and Emotion" (Princeton) and "Reason and Human Good in Aristotle".


"The marks of a true multi-culturalism hidden in the methods of great classicism are present in John M. Cooper's Knowledge, Nature, and the Good... Works of loving scholarship such as this ... develop our ability to appreciate the wondrous otherness of Greek culture--of, in fact, any culture."--Arthur J. Spring, Bridges
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