Programming with Data

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Juni 2004



Here is a thorough and authoritative guide to the latest version of the S language and its programming environment. Programming With Data describes a new and greatly extended version of S, written by the chief designer of the language itself. It is a guide to the complete programming process, starting from simple, interactive use, and continuing through ambitious software projects. The focus is on the needs of the programmer/user, with the aim of turning ideas into software, quickly and faithfully. The new version of S provides a powerful class/method structure, new techniques to deal with large objects, extended interfaces to other languages and files, object-based documentation compatible with HTML, and powerful new interactive programming techniques. This version of S underlies the S-Plus system, versions 5.0 and higher.


Highlights.- Concepts.- Quick Reference.- Computations in S.- Objects, Databases, and Chapters.- Creating Functions.- Creating Classes.- Creating Methods.- Documentation.- Connections.- Interfaces to C and Fortran.- Programming in C with S Objects.- Compatibility with Older Versions.
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Untertitel: A Guide to the S Language. 1st ed. 1998. Corr. 3rd printing 2004. Book. Sprache: Englisch.
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