Sendero Luminoso in Context: An Annotated Bibliography

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The focus of the bibliography is on major works dealing with The Shining Path, articles and studies published in Latin American and other related scholarly journals, and Peruvian books that deal directly with the effects wrought by The Shining Path upon Peru.


John M. Bennett has been Professor of Spanish and Latin American Literature at Ohio State University and for the past several years has worked there as a librarian in the Latin American Studies library.


Bennett's important study brings together citations to major works on the Shining Path movement itself and on the political, social, historical, and cultural context that gave rise to this Pervuailn guerilla movement and within which it operated. CHOICE Bennett's excellent work goes a long way in rounding out a group of reference essential and highly recommended tool for a deeper and broader understanding... Salalm ...a useful study aid for a researcher approaching the PCP-SL phenomenon... Latin American Studies Public and college libraries where there is particular interest in Latin American affairs will probably want to own [this book]. American Reference Books Annual
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