Blood, Toil, Tears, and Sweat: The Dire Warning

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April 2008



A best-selling historian considers Churchill's first speech before Parliament-a speech that transformed both Churchill and the nation he had come to lead


John Lukacs is the author of over twenty books on European history. Currently Professor Emeritus at Chestnut Hill College, he has also taught at Columbia and Princeton Universities. He lives in Pennsylvania, USA.


"Foreign Affairs"
"Lukacs knows his story and tells it well."

"City Journal"
"For his noble deeds and speech, the great English statesman surely deserves our gratitude and admiration. And it is to John Lukacs's credit that he allows us to appreciate this against the obfuscations of both the revisionist Left and Right....Lukacs is wonderfully attentive to the human element, to the difference that a single man made in shaping history."

"A short book, packed with drama and incisive analyses."

"Christianity Today"
"World War II: We think we know it all, yet along comes a little book from a masterful historian that gives us a famous incident afresh, and in a way that sheds light on the whole terrible conflict. For readers of history on your gift list, this is a perfect choice--and be sure to set aside a copy for yourself."

"New York Review of Books"
"Anything Lukacs writes is worth reading."

"Washington Post Book World"

"Washington Times"
"Powerful and moving history... compact page-turner of a book."

"Deseret News"
"In this extraordinary book, John Lukacs, an eminent World War II historian, discusses what he considers an extraordinary speech."

"Roanoke Times"
"This "snapshot" of one the world's greatest leaders in the infancy of his ascendency to glory provides a valuable contextual understanding of the skills of one man who engaged Adolph Hitler in a war of wills and had the will to win."
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