At the End of an Age

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September 2003



This compelling book is a deeply informed reflection on the nature of historical and scientific knowledge. Renowned historian Juhn Lukacs asserts that now, even at the end of the modern age, our understanding of the universe is based on what we fallible human beings have imagined and defined in a historical continuum; it is religion that is the source of the highest form of knowledge.


John Lukacs is the widely known author of more than twenty books on history, including Five Days in London, A Thread of Years, The Duel, and The Last European War, all published by Yale University Press.


"The author tackles weighty matters, but he is a consistently engaging writer, and some of his sly asides are among the best parts of the book." Michael Potemra, National Review "Lukacs is very much a voice worth listening to." Jeet Heer, National Post, Canada "Perhaps no historian has a better right to take stock of our times - and of the state of historical thinking - than Lukacs. A beautifully crafted and unforgettable book, one that every serious historian should read." Choice "The book is, at the same time, provocative and inviting, wild and disciplined, adventurous and carefully reasoned. It is hard to imagine a reader coming away from it without thinking differently about things that really matter." First Things
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