Mau Mau and Nationhood: Arms, Authority, and Narration

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Januar 2003



Fifty years after the declaration of the state of emergency, Mau Mau still excites argument and controversy, not least in Kenya itself. "Mau Mau and Nationhood" is a collection of essays providing the most recent thinking on the uprising and its aftermath. The work of well-established scholars as well as of young researchers with fresh perspectives, " Mau Mau and Nationhood "achieves a multilayered analysis of a subject of enduring interest. According to Terence Ranger, Emeritus Rhodes Professor, Oxford, "In some ways the historiography of Mau Mau is a supreme example not only of ambiguity and complexity, but also of redemption of a topic once thought incapable of rational analysis."


E. S. Atieno Odhiambo was a professor of history at Rice University. He is the author of "The Paradox of Collaboration and Other Essays," and "Siaya: Politics and Nationalism in East Africa, 1905-1939." He is the editor of "African Historians and African Voices" and coeditor, with David William Cohen, of "The Risks of Knowledge." John Lonsdale is a Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge.
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