Emmanuel Levinas

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From the relative obscurity in which Levinas's work languished until very recently, Emmanuel Levinas must now be judged as one of the most influential figures in contemporary Continental philosophy. There is no better guide than John Lewelyn to lead one through the thickets of Levinas's prose. Bursting with questions, multiple references, cascading citations and multilingual puns and nuances, this book is the compelling record of intellectual obsession. Taking as its guiding thre the theme of genealogy, the book gives a broadly chronological and impressively manageable presentation of the whole sweep of the Levinas's work. Balanced and finely grained, Llewelyn confronts questions of method, Heidegger, phenomenology, the theme of sensibility, religion, enjoyment, feminity, eros, justice and the political. The book reaches a stunning climax in a series of chapters that give a hestitant but tolerant discussion of the question of God in Levinas, the relation to Levinasian ethics to Nietzschean genealogy, and an extraordinary discussion of metaphor that leads into a wholly original analysis of Levinas's poetics and metaphorics. The book concludes with a sensitive reading of the autobiographical epigraphs to Levinas's "Otherwise than Being..." and a consideration of the Holocaust.


"This is the most important full length study of Levinas in any language, because one completes the book both better informed and a better philosopher."
-Robert Bernasconi, University of Memphis
"This is one of the most significant book-length engagements with the thought of Levinas in any language. It is of the same order of importance as Derrida's seminal essay on Levinas, "Violence and Metaphysics." At this level and intensity of reading the distinction between original works and commentary falls away; here we are in the presence of thinking itself, with all its difficulty and opacity."
-"Journal of the British Society for Phenomenology
..."this is an exacting study of how Levinas's thought unfolds...[the book] will prove useful and important to those already familiar with his work.."
-" Religious Studies Review, Vol. 23, April 1997
"Llewelyn provides an intricate and astoundingly subtle account of the genealogy of of Levinas's work ... It impacts not only the way we can think about philosophy, but also the ubiquitous and confounding experience of others and our relations to them."
-David Justin Hodge, Vanderbilt University
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