The John Lennon Letters

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A lifetime of letters, collected for the first time, from the legendary musician and songwriter. John Lennon is one of the world's greatest-ever song writers, creator of 'Help!', 'Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds', 'Imagine' and dozens more. Now, his letters have been collected and published, illuminating as never before the intimate side of a private genius. Hunter Davies, author of the only authorised biography of The Beatles, has tracked down almost three hundred of John's letters and postcards - to relations, friends, fans, strangers, lovers and even to the laundry. Some of the letters are tender, informative, funny, angry and abusive, and some are simply heart-breaking. Many are illustrated with John's own drawings, doodles and jokes. Davies tells the story of each letter and together they form a compelling narrative, from Lennon's earliest surviving thank-you note, written when he was ten, to his last scribbled autograph given on 8 December 1980 - the day he was shot, aged forty.




John Lennon, geb. 1940 in Liverpool, war Musiker und Mitgründer der "erfolgreichsten Pop-Band aller Zeiten" und zusammen mit Yoko Ono eine Hauptfigur der Friedensbewegung. Das Duo McCartney / Lennon gilt als einflussreichstes Songwriter-Paar des 20. Jahrhunderts.§John Lennon wurde am 8. Dezember 1980 von einem Fan vor seinem Apartment in New York erschossen.


Davies has done an amazing job tracking down nearly 300 of John Lennon's letters, notes and postcards to fans, friends, lovers, and even his laundry. He has then put each missive in a clear personal and historical context. THE GOOD BOOK GUIDE
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