Construction Adjudication

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August 2004



Adjudication has been the main means of settling construction disputes since it was first introduced by the Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act 1996, and a substantial body of case law has now built up.This book established itself as the key authority on adjudication when it was first published. It has now been revised to reflect the authors' experience of adjudication in practice and to cover the large number of court decisions. It features useful appendices on adjudication materials.


What is adjudication?; The Act: the overarching provisions; The Act: the adjudication provisions; The Act: the payment provisions; The secondary legislation; Adjudication clauses, rules and procedures; The appointment; Adjudicators' agreements; Jurisdiction, powers and duties; The process; The decision; Enforcement and appeals; Appendices


a The book ... is the best in the businessa Tony Bingham, Building 13 August 2004 a This is a cracking book, even better than the first edition and one I even took on holiday with me! Anyone practising adjudication or involved in the process should not have this work far from the corner of their desk. Go and buy it.a Construction Industry Law Letter a A solid compilation which many readers will rely on heavily.a Paul Newman, Construction Law Aug/Sep 2005 '[From] highly experienced adjudicators this second edition distils five years of their experience and wisdom and is a welcome addition to the literature! thoroughly readable yet comprehensive' John Uff QC
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