A Primer of Infinitesimal Analysis

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A rigorous, axiomatically formulated presentation of the 'zero-square', or 'nilpotent' infinitesimal.


Introduction; 1. Basic features of smooth worlds; 2. Basic differential calculus; 3. First applications of the differential calculus; 4. Applications to physics; 5. Multivariable calculus and applications; 6. The definite integral: Higher order infinitesimals; 7. Synthetic geometry; 8. Smooth infinitesimal analysis as an axiomatic system; Appendix; Models for smooth infinitesimal analysis.


John L. Bell is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Western Ontario. He is the author of 7 other books, including Models and Ultraproducts with A. B. Slomson, A Course in Mathematical Logic with M. Machover, Logical Options with D. DeVidi and G. Solomon, Set Theory: Boolean-Valued Models and Independence Proofs, and The Continuous and the Infinitesimal in Mathematics and Philosophy.


'This might turn out to be a boring, shallow book review: I merely LOVED the book...the explanations are so clear, so considerate; the author must have taught the subject many times, since he anticipates virtually every potential question, concern, and misconception in a student's or reader's mind.' MAA Reviews 'John Bell has done a first rate job in presenting an elementary introduction to this fascinating subject ... I recommend it highly.' J. P. Mayberry, British Journal for the Philosophy of Science
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