Pope Benedict XVI

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November 2001



Growing up in Hitler's shadow;
an erstwhile liberal;
drang nach rom;
the poor you will always have with you;
civil rights;
wars of religion;
a new reformation.


John L. Allen has worked for the National Catholic Reporter in the US and is CNN Vatican analyst.


"'A fair and unfailingly interesting account of one of the most controversial figures in religion today' The Irish Times 'Elegantly written and throughout its eight chapters engages one's interest. It never indulges in facile stereotypes. While being critical, Allen fully respects Ratzinger's stature as a theologian and intellectual. With verve, he traces the formation of one of the most controversial prelates in recent times' The Furrow 'We needed a book which was well researched, informative and analytic, adequately critical, yet thoroughly and determinedly fair. John Allen has given us just such a book' The Tablet 'Full of important information about Ratzinger career and changes of position... his most original contribution is to argue that Ratzinger sometimes promotes views even more conservative than the Pope's.' New York Review of Books 'It is not just because of the position he has occupied since 1981 as head of what used to be the Holy Office that Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger is a key figure in the development of the Roman Catholic Church since Vatican II... John L. Allen puts us all in his debt by tracing how this has come about... The resulting book is essential reading.' Church Times"
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