Human Resource Management and Development

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There are many complicated theories and ideas about the structure and style of organisations. Human Resource Management and Development looks at how they apply in practice and what they mean for the people who work with them. Divided into four sections and amply illustrated with case studies, topics such as Organisation Theory, Recruitment and Selection, Leadership and Counselling are explained, concluding with chapters on 'Organisation Change' and 'Empowerment'. Written in an accessible and lively manner, this book will be of interest to both students and professionals involved in Human Resource Management.


Introductions - SECTION 1: UNDERSTANDING THE PRINCIPLES - The Foundations of the Organisation - The People who Work in them - SECTION 2: ORGANISATIONAL NECESSITIES - Compensation and Benefit Systems - Recruitment and Selection - Human Resource Management Strategies - Training and Development - SECTION 3: GOOD ORGANISATIONAL PRACTICES - Leadership - Performance Management - Counselling and Coaching - SECTION 4: MAKING THE IDEAL ORGANISATION - Change - Empowerment
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