Beginning ASP Databases

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September 2003



* Offers an entry point to one of the most crucial aspects of Microsoft-oriented Web development--database integration with Active Server Pages

* Covers ADO/OLE DB architecture, SQL, recordsets, databases and cookies, error handling, command object, stored procedures, irregular data handling, performance testing and tuning and more

* Discusses how to incorporate databases into your ASP applications, using ActiveX Data Objects (ADO)

* Provides code examples, exercises, and quizzes - each captioned with step-by-step explanations


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Kevin Spencer started programming in C in the early 1990s and wrote a number of shareware programs for DOS, most of which were door programs for BBSs. In the process, he learned to construct relational databases in C, and later worked with Microsoft Visual FoxPro and Access. As Internet database connectivity technologies began to emerge from Microsoft, he learned them as well. He then started his own business, Site Design by TAKempis, which specializes in Internet database application programming with ASP/ADO. Microsoft awarded him with the "Most Valuable Professional" award in 1997. He has written articles about Microsoft FrontPage and ASP/ADO for several online magazines, including ASP Today.
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