The Politics of Moral Capital

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April 2014



Mandela, Aung San Suu Kyi and Clinton are among those whose 'moral capital' is considered.


Part I. Moral Capital: 1. Moral capital and politics; 2. Moral capital and leadership; Part II. Moral Capital in Times of Crisis: 3. Abraham Lincoln - the long-purposed man; 4. Charles de Gaulle - the man of storms; Part III. Moral Capital and Dissident Politics: 5. Nelson Mandela - the moral phenomenon; 6. Aung San Suu Kyi - her father's daughter; Part IV. Moral Capital and the American Presidency: 7. Kennedy and American virtue; 8. Crisis; 9. Aftermath; 10. Denouement.


'The Politics of Moral Capital is one of the few books to investigate how and why morality matters to politics and, less broadly, how popular judgments about moral leadership facilitate or impede political action. Kane's thoughtful study examines each of these questions in depth and will b e of interest to political scientists, historians, and anyone interested in studying nineteenth- and twentieth-century political leadership.' Asian Journal of Politics '... this book stands as a refreshing effort to come to terms with the inescapably moral character of political life. It is also an important contribution to the academic study of statesmanship.' Journal of Democracy
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