Research Methods in Psychology

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Offers students with the tools necessary to do ethical research in psychology and to understand the research they learn about in psychology courses and in the media.


Part I General Issues 1 Introduction 2 The Scientific Method 3 Ethical Issues in the Conduct of Psychological Research Part II Descriptive Methods 4 Observation 5 Survey Research 6 Unobtrusive Measures of Behavior Part III Experimental Methods 7 Independent Groups Designs 8 Repeated Measures Designs 9 Complex Designs Part IV Applied Research 10 Single-Case Designs, and Small-n Research 11 Quasi-Experimental Designs and Program Evaluation Part V Analyzing and Reporting Research 12 Data Analysis and Interpretation: Part I. Describing Data, Confidence Intervals, Correlation 13 Data Analysis and Interpretation: Part II. Tests of Statistical Significance and the Analysis Story 14 Communication in Psychology Appendix: Statistical Tables


Eugene B. Zechmeister is a Professor of Psychology at Loyola University of Chicago, a large metropolitan university where he has taught both undergraduate and graduate courses since Professor Zechmeister completed his B.A. in 1966 at the University of New Mexico. He later received both his M.S. (1968) and Ph.D. (1970) from Northwestern University. A specialist in the field of human cognition, Professor Zechmeister authored, with S.E. Nyberg, Human Memory: An Introduction to Research and Theory (Brooks/Cole, 1982), and with J.E. Johnson, Critical Thinking: A functional Approach (Brooks/Cole, 1992). He is a Fellow of both the American Psychological Association (Divisions 1,2, and 3) and the American Psychological Society. In 1994, he was awarded the Loyola University Sujack Award for Teaching Excellence in the College of Arts and Sciences. Professor Zechmeister currently is the Undergraduate Program Director for the Loyola University of Chicago Psychology Department. Jeanne S. Zechmeister is Associate Professor of Psychology at Loyola University of Chicago where she has taught undergraduate and graduate courses in research methodology since 1990. Professor Zechmeister completed her B.A. at University of Wisconsin-Madison (1983) and her M.S. (1988) and Ph.D. (1990) in Clinical Psychology at Northwestern University. Her current research interests are in the area of psychology of religion, and she is conducting research on forgiveness. Her effectiveness as a teacher is evidenced by her many years of high teacher ratings and by her being identified consistently each year by graduating seniors as one of their best teachers at Loyola. She also authored, with J.S. Shaughnessy and E.B. Zechmeister, Research Methods in Psychology (5th edition; McGraw-Hill, 2000).
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