From a Welfare State to a Welfare Society: The Changing Context of Social Policy in a Postmodern Era

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August 2000



The welfare state is being subjected to fundamental re-appraisal. It is now commonly argued that modern Western societies require a new 'moral economy' in which responsibility for welfare and social care is shifted from the state to the family and community. This text critically assesses the range of academic and political debates around the questions such a shift raises, exploring how far social solidarity is possible when social inequality has become so in evidence in the last two decades of the twentieth century.


Introduction: From the Beveridge Welfare State to the Welfare Society.- Social Inequality, Civic Integration and Welfare.- The Welfare State in Decline?.- Society in Decline?.- In Search of Community: Communitarianism and Stakeholder Welfare.- Social Exclusion and the Poor: When Community Breaks Down.- Family Responsibilities and Collective Obligations: Amoral Familism and the Stakeholder Society.- Global Economies, Europe and the Future for Family and Community Policy.


JOHN J RODGER is Senior Lecturer in Sociology and Social Policy at Paisley University, Scotland. He is the author of Family Life and Social Control: A Sociological Perspective.

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