Homicide Investigation: An Introduction

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August 2003



An introduction to homicide investigation--the procedures, practices, methods, pitfalls, frustrations, and successes--as detailed through actual cases investigated by the professionals. Proves that real-life homicides are often more unbelievable than the fictional accounts portrayed in movies and novels. Is a great primer for professionals and a fascinating book for general readers.


Chapter 1 Acknowledgments Chapter 2 A Note to the Reader Chapter 3 Chronology: Forensic Science and Criminal Investigation Chapter 4 Acronyms Chapter 5 Introduction Chapter 6 1 Types of Homicide Chapter 7 2 Homicide in the Underworld Chapter 8 3 Serial Killers Chapter 9 4 Police Communications and Databases Chapter 10 5 Detectives Chapter 11 6 Assessment of the Crime Scene Chapter 12 7 Evidence Chapter 13 8 Wounds and Injuries Chapter 14 9 Fingerprints and Fingerprinting Chapter 15 10 Firearms, Poisons, and Uncommon Weapons Chapter 16 11 Integrity of Evidence Chapter 17 12 Forensic Investigation Chapter 18 13 Sketches, Photographs, and Videotaping Chapter 19 14 Forensic Experts Chapter 20 15 Body Fluids Chapter 21 16 Test Methods Chapter 22 17 Persons of Interest (POI), Perpetrators, and Pyromaniacs Chapter 23 18 Case Profiles Chapter 24 Bibliography Chapter 25 Index Chapter 26 About the Author


John J. Miletich, former librarian at the University of Alberta, is the author of reference publications in the social and health sciences. He is also the author of Police, Firefighter, and Paramedic Stress: An Annotated Bibliography.
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