Guide to J2ee: Enterprise Java

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Enterprise Java experts John Hunt and Chris Loftus take the reader through the core technologies that make up the Enterprise Edition of the Java 2 platform (J2EE). They cover all the aspects of J2EE that both the professional and student needs to know to build multi-tier enterprise applications in Java. This includes the various technologies, design methodology, and design patterns. The text contains fully worked examples, built up throughout the book, which enables the reader to quickly develop multi-tier applications. An invaluable text for those who want to build enterprise wide applications in Java.


PART 1: BACKGROUND Why J2EE? Introduction to Distributed Systems The J2EE Tour Java Remote Method Invocation Activate Yourself! JNDI Java Message Service Java, IDL and Object Request Brokers Java Database Connectivity XML and Java JavaMail API: The Mail is in PART 2: EJB ARCHITECTURE The EJB Architecture Stateless Session EJBs Entity EJBs. How to implement a container-managed entity EJB Gluing EJBs Together Message-Driven EJBs PART 3: SERVLETS AND JSPS Web Applications in Java Session Management and Lifecycle Monitoring Java Server Pages JSP Tags and Implicit Objects JSP Tag Libraries Request Dispatching Filtering Securing Web Applications Deployment Configuration Accessing EJBs from Servlets/JSPs PART 4:ADDITIONAL TECHNOLOGIES Deployment Issues: transactions Deployment Issues: Security Bean-managed Persistence Stateful Session EJBs J2EE Connector Architecture From Java to SVG Web Services PART 5:DESIGN J2EE Patterns The Fault Tracker J2EE Case Study


From the reviews:
"In this single volume ... we are introduced to all the major parts of the J2EE platform. ... the book does provide a wide-ranging introduction to the J2EE platform. That it does so at a reasonably detailed level is a key strength. Entire books have been written about each of the technologies included here, so to have it all in one place makes this a good reference to have around. ... This book provides a very good primer on J2EE." (Pan Pantziarka, Application Development Advisor, Vol. 8 (3), 2004)
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