Agile Software Construction

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Introduces the core concepts, evaluates how successful they can be, as well as what problems may be encountered Dispels numerous myths surrounding agile development


Agile Methods and the Agile Manifesto.- Agile Modelling.- How to Become an Agile Modeller.- Extreme Programming (XP).- Putting XP into Practise.- Agile Modelling and XP.- Agile Modelling and XP Reviewed.- Feature-Driven Development.- Planning a Sample FDD Project.- Agile Methods with RUP and PRINCE2.- Introducing Agile Methods into Your Organisation.- Tools to Help with Agile Development.- Obstacles to Agile Software Development.


From the reviews:
"A very comprehensive guide to the most popular current agile methods. The author fully succeeds in bringing together, in a very concise style, not only the essential approaches and methods ... but also the necessary tools for a more effective application of agile methods in the real software development process. ... By its content, the book addresses the software development theorists and practitioners alike. By its style, it is an excellent guide for any kind of student interested in achieving skills for agile software construction." (Tudor Balanescu, Zentralblatt MATH, Vol. 1095 (21), 2006)
"Cyberneticians, systemists and software users and also developers will welcome a text that, says the publishers, focusses on the realities within which most software projects have to work. This appears to be useful addition to the literature and is branded as exhibiting the author's 'down-to-earth' approach when he examines how different methods can be worked together for successful results. It is an easy-to-use book that provides 'an accessible source of Agile techniques' as well as useful applications." (W. R. Howard, Kybernetes, Vol. 35 (7-8), 2006)
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