Lessons of Fairsized Creek: 12 Ways to Catch More Trout on the Fly

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LESSONS OF FAIRSIZED CREEK 12 Ways to Catch More Trout on the FlyBy John HuberIllustrated by Dayna Smith(Pruett Publishing, 2002; 303-449-4919 136 pp.; hardcover; $24.95Writing good dialogue is terribly difficult. Writing good dialectic is so difficult that Socrates left it to Plato.Dialectic is what John Huber delivers in Lessons of Fairsized Creek. The premise: On his day off, a smart and self-effacing guide named Jerry meets Bobby, a better-than-average fisher who's earnestly and unsuccessfully working an educated trout the author calls Terrance. Bobby appreciates both Jerry's tutorial and the roast beef sandwich he shares; 11 times after that the men meet by design. Each reunion becomes a seminar of sorts, most of which incorporates the perspectives of all three players.Like all good teachers, Jerry has a keen sense of when to speak up, when to sit back and watch and just how to hold the mirror when a student's frustration finally forces him to reflect. Just as importantly, Jerry's intent is not to establish himself as Bobby's worshipped sage, but to lead him into skills and ways of thinking that will profit him always.Fly Rod & Reel, March 2003Review By Seth Norman


John Huber
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