Taking Control of Your Teaching Career: A Guide for Teachers

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November 2006



With over 400,000 teachers working in schools in England and Wales, this practical guide is designed to help these teachers take charge of their careers and put themselves in the driving seat.
Based upon John Howsona (TM)s popular weekly Times Educational Supplement column, this book outlines the possible career options open to teachers who: have just finished their induction year are considering taking on a leadership role are looking to take time out of the classroom want to come back to teaching.
Written in an easily accessible manner, arranged in chapters based on the decisions teachers will make, from after qualifying to retirement, this book answers real questions from the authora (TM)s column. Providing helpful guidance to teachers at every stage of their career, John Howson reflects the fact that teachers need to take charge of their careers if they are not to risk being left to their fate.


1. Introduction 2. After the Induction Year 3. Life Beyond the Main Scale 4. Looking for Leadership 5. Alternative Career Routes 6. Can I Teach Where I Want To? 7. What Are My Rights? 8. Leaving Your Job 9. Can I Come Back Please? 10. What Does the Future Hold for Teachers? 11. Job Hunting - Some Tips in Dealing with the Application Process Appendices: Analysis of Teaching Posts Advertised in Secondary Schools. Salary Scale. The Future Size of the School Population. Career Paths. The School Route. The Academic Route. The Administrative Route. The Specialist Route
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