Choosing Your Clematis

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In this volume, John Howells attempts to bring clarity to a confusing subject. Gardeners are bewildered with the choice of over 1000 clematis in the "Plantfinder". How can the gardener know the characteristics, growing requirements, attractions, faults and flowering time of so many?


Dr. John Howels is past Chairman of the British Clematis Society and past-Editor of its journal 'The Clematis'. As an internationl medical authority he has used this channel to acquaint himseld with hoticultural and botanical institutions worldwide. He has produced over 30 books on scientific subjects, has written many articles for learned journals and has made a considerable contribution to international scientific literature. He cultivates his own garden on a windy, hill-top site in east Anglia. As an amateur, specailist grower, he has encountered all the problems of growing these plants and speaks from his own practical experience. He is a gardener who speaks to gardeners.

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