Plays of John Heywood

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Dezember 1991



Features a collection of John Heywood's plays in the original language. This work makes possible a reevaluation of his remarkable achievement as actor-playwright and an appreciation of his contribution to the English language. It also suggests that Henry VIII's servant and entertainer was capable of refreshing irreverence and political daring.


Introduction - life and works; the plays; staging; sources; context; "Witty and Witless"; "Johan Johan"; "The Pardoner and the Frere"; "The Foure PP"; "A Play of Love"; "The Play of the Wether".


D.S. Brewer's thoughtful series...takes into account, synthesizes and develops the various facts and theories advanced about particular plays over the last few decades. The introduction and notes are full, informative... This edition contributes valuably to the reassessment of a crucial period. REVIEW OF ENGLISH STUDIESPerhaps the most significant playwright of the early Tudor court...a splendid feat of scholarship that sets each play in its literary and historical contexts...helpful comments on staging possibilities... From this admirable edition one gains a real sense of the richness and diversity of court culture in the period. BRITISH STUDIES A first-rate edition that substantially advances the cause of scholarship. Cumulatively, the series is performing an important service by providing us with fully annotated editions of Tudor humanists and playwrights in the original Tudor English, with glossaries and listing of textual variants and doubtful readings. COMPARATIVE DRAMA
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