C. Vann Woodward, Southerner

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November 1987



Woodward, who in 1986 published Thinking Back, a graceful and generous memoir of 50 years as a maverick social activist and preeminent social historian, is the subject of this somewhat plodding and often obsessively detailed biography by Roper (History/St. Andrews Presbyterian). Roper does a thorough, if less than lively, job of summarizing Woodward's life, as well as his theories and those of his supporters and opponents. His description of Woodward's progress from Arkansas schoolboy to Yale Univ. luminary is evocative, and he explores in an evenhanded manner the positions of the so-called "Consensus" historians (Hartz, Miller, Hofstader, Boorstin) and the opposing "Progressives" (Woodward, Farrington, Beard). Regrettably, when he moves away from these historians, he occasionally errs, undermining confidence in his methodology: for example, he refers to a nonexistent Black Sun edition of Ulysses, and misidentifies Paul Robeson as "the original Emperor Jones" (when Charles S. Gilpin actually brought the role to the stage). Overall, a valuable interpretation of a distinguished and colorful career - although many readers will undoubtedly prefer Woodward's own, and more accessible, account of his life. (Kirkus Reviews)


John Herbert Roper is Richardson Professor of History at Emory and Henry College in Virginia. His books include "Paul Green, Playwright of the Real South" and "C. Vann Woodward, Southerner" (both Georgia).
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