Practising Global Journalism

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-- Examines the effects of the digital revolution on journalism
-- Provides an insider view of the global media marketplace - the technology, the players, the issues, and ethical considerations
-- Essential background knowledge for today's journalists -- understand how governments work, news agencies, sources and networks, issues of ethics, global media ownership and control, and the effect of converging digital technology on journalism practice
-- Gain international knowledge of the media marketplace through examples and case studies from around the world
-- Learn how to report to a global audience including the use of statistics, graphs and visuals for print, broadcast and online mediaPractising Global Journalism is essential reading for today's journalist. It provides up to date information on the global environment in which journalists operate and describes the latest technology and the impact of the digital revolution and converged media on journalism practice.


The global context; Global news flow; Problems of global journalism; Global journalism freedom: Asia Pacific; South Asia; China; Hong Kong; Japan; Europe; United States; Latin America; Africa and the Middle East; Appendix; References; Web sites


"Summaries of the state of journalism and the news media structure around the world... are skillfully researched and clearly presented. They will be of great value to students and others seeking succinct information on the journalistic environment in different societies." Anthony Delano in the British Journalism Review "The advantages of now reachable unseen territories and freedom of technology has deep lightning effects in how news flows with context to global journalism practices. The gargantuan nature of news coverage & distribution has greatly been affected by digital revolution, learnings from patterns, ethics, ownerships and controls." Reader review on
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