The Scientific Revolution and the Origins of Modern Science

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Juni 2008



This is a concise but wide-ranging account of all aspects of the Scientific Revolution from astronomy to zoology. The third edition has been thoroughly updated, and some sections revised and extended, to take into account the latest scholarship and research and new developments in historiography.


Acknowledgements for the Third Edition
The Scientific Revolution and the Historiography of Science
Renaissance and Revolution
The Scientific Method
Magic and the Origins of Modern Science
The Mechanical Philosophy
Religion and Science
Science and the Wider Culture


JOHN HENRY is a Reader in the History of Science at the University of Edinburgh, UK. He has published widely on the history of science from the Renaissance to the nineteenth century.


'The Scientific Revolution - by whatever name - marks a period of fundamental historical change. In this little book, John Henry provides a clearly organized and gracefully written introduction to its complexities; not only to past achievements and enduring aspirations, but to the unfinished business of historical interpretation.' - Robert A. Hatch, University of Florida, USA
'Henry's book remains the most comprehensive short introduction to the Scientific Revolution available.' - Rob Iliffe, University of Sussex, UK
'With the third edition of The Scientific Revolution and the Origins of Modern Science, John Henry continues his admirable track record for thoughtful and well targeted improvement of an already fine product, with timely additions and modifications reflecting the evolving state of research and debate in the field. From its first edition this has been our Program's introductory textbook of choice, whilst the innovative and continually expanding bibliographical referencing system, keyed to topics as they arise in the text, is commended to our students on all levels.' - Professor John Schuster, University of New South Wales, Australia

'Henry's book succeeds in conveying the complexity of this period clearly.' - Margaret J. Osler, Isis
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